About Us

Our Beginning

Kfar Yeladim David was founded in 1994 in Jerusalem by Rabbi Yechiel Fishel Weingarten – Of Blessed Memory, and his son Yehoshua.

Caring for orphans and children in distress is a family tradition that goes back four generations in the Weingarten family. In 1901, Yehoshua’s great-grandfather, Rabbi David Weingarten, took in many homeless orphans into his tiny 2 room Jerusalem apartment, which then became the first orphanage home in Jerusalem for girls.

Kfar Yeladim David is named after David Weingarten, the patriarch of the Weingarten family and after King David, whose name is forever associated with the city of Jerusalem.

Kfar Yeladim David (KYD)

Which now brings us to Kfar Yeladim David, the ultimate haven and rehabilitative facility to meet the unique needs of the disadvantaged children of our generation. Starting in 1994 with just one rented apartment, and progressively renting additional facilities. Then, in 2001, Kfar Yeladim David’s bright, new, spacious and warm headquarters in Ramat Shlomo opened its doors.

Now we have grown to become an organization with many second homes throughout Israel.

Our Children / Our Team

All the children at KYD are referred to us by the Welfare Ministry.

The KYD team consists of 286 children and 65 dedicated staff members which include: Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Directors, Therapists, Instructors, Counselors, Cooks, and Cleaning crew.

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